Technology Development

To meet future Defense and Security challenges requires the development and application of emerging technologies. At Tectonica we are committed to working with technology providers to undertake contract research and product development in a wide-range of technical areas.

Our engineering design team is highly experienced in working with research scientists to transition laboratory based systems into rugged and robust products for use in the military environment. Utilising a proven systems engineering approach ensures that complex technical requirements are captured without losing sight of the user’s needs.


Under round 10 of the Australian Department of Defence’s, Capability and Technology Demonstrator (CTD) Program, Tectonica developed an Oxygen Generator.

Oxygen is currently supplied on Defence operations for human health purposes through the use of pressurised cylinders. This approach imposes a significant logistic burden. Tectonica has successfully demonstrated a portable oxygen generator that produces medical grade oxygen using ceramic membrane separation technology.

Unlike other systems Tectonica’s Oxygen Generator is capable of delivering medical grade oxygen on demand without the need for further testing enabling rapid oxygen cylinder recharging. It can operate in “dirty environments” without affecting oxygen purity and it can be transported by air without the safety issues associated with stored oxygen.

This novel approach to oxygen supply enables Tectonica to deliver a portable oxygen generator for a range of Defence Health Services, Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force applications.