Navigation Display

The integration of equipment in modern fighting vehicles means that space is at a premium. The CDU-NAV is a compact Control and Display Unit that has been purposely designed and certified to operate in the harsh environment of wheeled and tracked fighting vehicles.

This highly capable control and display unit incorporates military grade components, is protected by a machined alloy enclosure and operates with a colour QVGA, Night Vision Compatible display. The CDU-NAV is compatible with military and commercial GPS systems and the Honeywell® TALIN™500 inertial sensor.

This highly versatile and affordable military display is interchangeable between the driver’s and commander’s positions, has multi-lingual capability, uses a rugged keypad for easy data entry and incorporates a real-time Operating System for moving map applications.

The USB communication interface enables vehicle commanders to load pre-planned missions that incorporate waypoints and targets to enable easy and rapid navigation. This rugged and compact display provides the warfighter with unprecedented flexibility in an affordable and proven design.