Protected Land Navigation System

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Tectonica’s Protected Land Navigation System, LanNAV™ Advanced, Embedded and Targeting are the proven leaders in delivering protected and highly accurate land navigation. The LanNAV™ product family is a fully integrated military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) protected navigation system that provides an advanced navigation capability regardless of jamming attempts or terrain masking. Tectonica’s range of highly advanced navigation systems deliver the standard of geo-location accuracy and protection demanded by the modern war fighter.


LanNAV™ – Advanced is a highly accurate and protected MOTS navigation solution utilising Honeywell’s TALIN™500 Inertial Navigation Unit with rugged ring laser gyroscopes to deliver unparalleled capability.  In combination with Honeywell’s Vehicle Motion Sensor, LanNAV™ – Advanced delivers proven protection from GPS jamming, spoofing and terrain masking.

A compact Human Machine Interface is provided by Tectonica’s CDU-NAV™ rugged military navigation display.  Using structured code running on a real time operating system the CDU-NAV™ provides an easy growth path to meet emerging operational requirements.  The CDU-NAV™ is designed and certified to operate in the harsh environments encountered by wheeled and tracked military vehicles.

LanNAV™ – Advanced uses a Military CANbus architecture for system data communications.  With simple wiring, it eliminates bulky control and interface modules and seamlessly integrates with modern Battle Management Systems.

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LanNAV™ – Embedded addresses the increasing need for space in modern armoured fighting vehicles, which demand compact equipment.  The LanNAV™ – Embedded is the smallest MOTS protected navigation system available.  Requiring only two sensor systems and CDU-NAV™ displays, LanNAV™ – Embedded provides the driver and commander with unparalleled accuracy and protection when GPS can’t be relied on.

Incorporating the latest TALIN™500 Inertial Navigation Unit with embedded GPS receiver, this system delivers a complete navigation solution with reduced footprint and complexity.  Unlike other systems the LanNAV™ – Embedded requires only the displays, inertial sensor and VMS to provide highly accurate navigation.

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LanNAV™ – Targeting ensures commanders can accurately locate, communicate and track targets on the battlefield LanNAV™ – Targeting incorporates a fully integrated Turret Azimuth Encoder (TAE) and Laser Range Finder (LRF).

Advanced target management software means that commanders can identify the enemy’s position with a high degree of accuracy and crews know they can rapidly engage targets with confidence.  The system builds on the unparalleled accuracy, stability and reliability afforded by Honeywell’s TALIN™500 Inertial Navigation Unit to inform and protect the combined arms force. This fully integrated and proven MOTS system delivers a technological edge to the warfighter.

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