Portable Power


BANTAM Command gives confidence in power.

BANTAM Command gives confidence in power.

The key to soldier integration is power management. High-tech electronic devices are giving our soldiers the edge in combat, yet power technology is lagging behind. Tectonica’s Defence funded research and development in power management has resulted in new systems that provide simple, robust architecture to power and share data to legacy and new electronic equipment. Our ‘plug and play’ approach provides an open-architecture system that forms the basis for the integration of electronic devices. This allows for technology growth without the cost of developing new networks each time.

Using a central power source, BANTAM (Patent Number: US9562745B2) efficiently distributes and manages power to attached devices. It can sense each device and begin charging or powering the device based on user preferences. This leaves the soldier free to concentrate on their mission, confident that their equipment will last the mission. Modular in design BANTAM is ready to meet the integration challenges faced by military forces. BANTAM is the key to soldier modernisation success.

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