The modern battlefield is a complex environment involving multiple platforms and information systems. To achieve a technology edge requires the seamless integration of new equipment and systems. Tectonica is committed to improving Defence capability by integrating leading edge technology and systems across vehicles, the soldier and technical shelters.

Highly accurate and protected geo-location information is at the heart of the network centric Army. Tectonica has developed a proven, Military-Off-the-Shelf Protected Navigation system to meet the challenges of the modern battlefield.

The introduction of new, high-tech electronic equipment has resulted in the need for more portable power. This has increased the soldier’s load, limiting his capability. Tectonica is a leading expert in the development of Portable Power solutions which incorporate the latest technology. If you have a power problem then Tectonica can help.

Modern battlefield threats have highlighted the need for increased protection to ensure Crew Survivability. Partnering with Explosive Protective Equipment, Tectonica can deliver integrated crew cooling and blast seat solutions for vehicles, shelters or unmanned ground stations. These proven systems deliver unprecedented protection from heat stresses and blasts effects.

Tectonica provides vehicle integration, installation and through life support to vehicle and man-portable Force Protection systems to counter the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threat. In partnership with Explosive Protective Equipment and Kinnersely, Tectonica delivers integrated solutions that include electronic counter-measures and intelligence support tools to stop the threat before it’s launched.