Tectonica’s BANTAM Runner Up at Foundry Cup

Foundry Cup

Tectonica’s BANTAM system was the runner-up and received $5,000 prize at the Foundry Cup 2016.

The event took place in Arlington, Virginia, over 2 days, with a training day on the 24th and a demo day on the 25th March. This year, the competition’s theme of Portable Power, aimed to find power solutions for men and women operating in off-grid scenarios.

David Levy, Managing Director, joined Peter O’Malley, Tectonica’s US representative, in America to take part in the event. Levy presented the­ BANTAM system to the competition’s panel of judges who included representatives from Industry and Government. The BANTAM system manages and distributes power and data to user devices, and centralises power for user devices. This makes it easier to power devices and reduces the number and type of batteries carried, saving weight and improving energy efficiency.

Levy commented on the accomplishment, “This is a fantastic achievement for BANTAM, to compete against international technologies and to come home with second place, we are thrilled. It’s further proof that BANTAM is a world-class technology, that is answering a global need for lighter and more efficient power solutions.”

First place went to Energy Intelligence, with a road mat that generates power by transferring power from passing vehicles. Tectonica would like to congratulate all participants on their products and technology, recognising the critical impact that they will make providing efficient power to individuals who work in remote and often hostile environments.

Portable power is an increasingly important problem, as electrical equipment is used more frequently and becomes more heavily relied upon. The logistical and weight burdens of maintaining a strong power supply has real implications as 3,000 Americans were injured or killed in the transport of fuel in Iran and Afghanistan last year.

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